Serving our customers with professional fuel logistics and maximized cost savings with our fuel buying power

As owners and operators of our own local convenience stores, we understand the value of market awareness to beat those price moves and maximize savings. We love to use that experience to serve our customers and save you money! Chronister Oil Company provides a wide variety of delivered fuel products across Illinois and Missouri, as well as select products available for rack loading in Central IL.

These Fuel Products Include Clear Diesel, Dyed Diesel, Bio Diesel, B99 Bio Diesel, Gas products with and without ethanol, Ethanol, and Flex Fuels.


We offer a variety of fuels to fit your needs as an industrial or commercial business. We can deliver to both above and below grounds tanks. Contact us to learn more or get set up to receive our low daily prices.

Gas Stations

As a fully unbranded supplier, we can provide fuel from a variety recognizable name brands to fulfill your customers’ expectations and find the lowest cost for you on a daily basis.

Proud Operator of Qik-n-EZ Convenience Stores